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Sick Again

I should have known better.

I woke up this morning feeling absolutely wretched. I'm hacking away again with the cough, and have a modicum of chest pain once more.

I think the bronchitis has well and truly settled in again, and though I finished the antibiotic last Sunday and had three good days after that, I'd started to feel sick again the day after that, yesterday (Thursday). The problem is likely the Zithromax. This is the second time that the antibiotic hasn't worked to get rid of what ails me, and if I remember correctly it was bronchitis last time as well.

I may have to go back and see the doctor again today, but I'll see what happens.

In the meantime, I'll see whether I can work from home today. Or not.
Tags: cough, health hut, illness, pain, personal, sinuses

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