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Faerie Tales, and Deliria

As mentioned in the previous journal entry, I am a long-time fan of faerie tales, and have been running the Deliria: Faerie Tales for a New Millennium roleplaying game, published by Laughing Pan Productions, since it first debuted on the rpg market. Since I think that this rpg has a lot of appeal for folks, both young and old alike, I thought I would provide an overview of the game. Besides, I'm also about to start running a Play by E-Mail (PBEM) version of the game using Yahoo, so I figured I would introduce the game itself here on my blog. Perhaps some folks who read the info contained herein might be interested in playing in the PBEM...

Be warned, as this is somewhat long.

Deliria is the latest creation of award-winning roleplaying game designer satyrblade, aka Phil Brucato, an interactive urban fantasy roleplaying game inspired by the works of Neil Gaiman, Emma Bull, Josh Whedon, and other post-modern fantasists. Deliria presents the adventures of normal, everyday people who discover that magic is literally all around them - or at least, just around the corner.

In the tradition of classic faerie tales, Deliria characters - who can be bartenders, accountants, models, writers, musicians, salesmen, construction workers, teachers, police officers, children, and so forth - go from innocence to challenge and finally to transformation. Because while faerie tales are partially about real life lessons and morality, they are about change and development as well. Deliria includes many tales of such new heroes, and provides a setting where gamers and fans alike can create faerie tales of their own.

Deliria is about creating believable, flawed, unique people, and putting them into a story. The primary focus of the game and its world is on the dynamics of what everyday heroes can accomplish - but it's also about what they can't do and their limits. The secondary focus of the game is on the story itself, and what the players and the Guides create together. While there is a game system in place here, that's not what Deliria is about; it's about creativity, themes, concepts, and ideas.

Within a single book, the Deliria core book presents a collection of short stories, an overview of faerie tales past and present, a vast setting, and a roleplaying game. The book features full-colour artwork with stunning detail that ranges from pen and ink to CGI. The book stands out, which is only natural, since the hallmark of Deliria, both the book and setting is Beauty - the uncanny allure of Faerie itself.

What makes Deliria unique is the fact that it is a modern-day faerie tale roleplaying game that accepts the faerie tale elements of the past, while introducing new ones into the mix, metaphors and stories that are based upon the modern-day world around us, and acknowledges that there are new stories being told, stories that hark back to the faerie tales of old, but that have modern-day sophistry and imagery behind them.

The world of Deliria is the modern world that you see around you and think you know. Magic and the mundane can be found in this world. It's a world of faith and technology. It's an age of transformation, but into what is anyone's guess. It's a world where anything is possible, if one is willing and daring enough to claim it.

And it's a setting and roleplaying game that is one of the best out there in the gaming market today.

So, if this game world and environment appeal to you...

Come, and let's play...

The Faerie Circle awaits, and there's a Dance already starting...
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