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Friday Night's Game Session of Yggdrasill

Last night, the Friday gaming group had a pretty good game session.

The Friday night group continued their game of Yggdrasill, the scenario having been interrupted by the trip to HammerCon at the beginning of November and then interrupted again by my bout(s) of illness since then.

The scenario that is in progress wrapped up quite neatly last night, the player characters having one very large combat with a group of brigands and making some friends from a town down the river. There was some lovely game interaction between the player characters and several of the NPCs from the neighbouring (despite the significant distance in these Norse times) town, and the group worked well together once more. The relationship between Angela's Sigrun Evardsdottir and Tom's Vigfur Egilsson is starting to heat up, and that between Sigrun and Kathy's Ingrid Horoldsdottir is coming along quite nicely as well. Magic use in this particular session was quite prevalent, with both Joanne's Dagna Styrsdottir and David's Amund Torkelsson using their Seidr and Galdr magics respectively in combat, fast casting their spells (and suffering some spectacular problems when things didn't go as expected).

Overall, the second scenario went over pretty well with the players, based on their comments afterwards, and they had a good time with this Yggdrasill scenario. The players are getting more comfortable with the game mechanics as they play the game, and are looking forward to the next adventure in the Norse world.

So am I.
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