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Sunday Gaming Session of Yggdrasill

Just finished gaming with the Sunday afternoon group. spross and Tammy left about twenty-five minutes ago.

The Sunday afternoon players got back into the scenario of the Yggdrasill RPG that they were playing back when I stopped running right before HammerCon. The players got back into the game rather slowly, having to get the mindset of the Norse gaming world and the game mechanics once more, and so this session was, to be honest, a bit slow in feel and style, and somewhat along the lines of a game of catch-up.

While neither spross or Tammy felt the game session was all that productive, I found that things did move forward somewhat. Sure, there were no fights or battles or skirmishes, but there was some good roleplaying, though spross is still having a lot of trouble coming to grips with his character's major plot as well as with who/what his character is.

Given my health today, I was honestly glad that I didn't have the characters engage in any combat situations, as I don't think my head could have processed a skirmish or larger fight all that well. I thought the game session went as well as could be expected, and had a pretty good time of it.
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