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Disappointing HEX Demo Today

Well, I just got home from the Comic Book Shoppe out at Merivale and Clyde, where I ran the Hollow Earth Expedition demo that was originally scheduled for last weekend, and only one person turned up for the demo. I wouldn't have run the demo, but the gentleman was a really nice guy, and so I set up an "On A Wing and A Prayer" style scenario in the hopes that other folks would join in.

spross showed up about 2:30 or so, and joined the player for the game. While nobody else joined in (slow day at the store), several people stopped to watch and inquired about the game, so that was at least something.

The plot turned out pretty good, and the player complimented me on my GMing style (hmm, maybe I'm not as bad a GM as I sometimes think I am! :)), and told me afterwards that he rather enjoyed the game. He certainly liked the simplicity of the game system, the game mechanics themselves (he didn't believe me that I could explain the game rules to him in less than 5 minutes, but I proved him wrong!), and wasn't bored by the story at all. In addition, he is an artist, and did some artwork of some of the stuff going on in the game. (May post the graphic that he did up at some point as well.) spross told me that he thought things went rather well, too, and the plot certainly has possibilities for a demo in the future (if I can figure out where to tighten things up somewhat).

So, the demo was a success in that it was a good time, but a disappointment in that only one player showed up to play.

If anyone is interested in hearing more about the demo, just say the word, and I'll post something up here.
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