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Sunday Musings

Spent a relatively relaxed afternoon today, since the Sunday gaming group didn't play today because of yesterday's inclement weather.

I say relatively relaxed because I had to deal with the stress of discovering that the car was dead in the water again. I'll deal with this some time tomorrow, if I feel up to it, since to be honest, I'm still somewhat ill and having problems with both legs now that I cracked my right knee against the side of the bathtub this morning. Just one thing after another.

I spent a couple of hours this afternoon working over the telephone with Tammy on her character for the Atlantis: The Second Age RPG. We managed to get through the first three parts of the Life Paths portion of character generation, so Tammy is well on her way through the process. Not bad, since I was using the PDF of the game to do this, without a print-out of the game PDF. I don't know when spross will start his character for the game, but I still intend to get back to the Yggdrasill campaign when we (hopefully) game next week.

I've been doing bits and pieces of things for most of the evening, spending part of the time also watching a DVD and some Sunday night tv viewing.

I think I'm going to crash for the evening soon. Feeling somewhat out of it.

Not a lot going on today, like I said.
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