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Footcare, Haircuts, and Car Problems

I am home.

I managed to make arrangements to get a lift to the footcare clinic that I go to for my appointment this afternoon, and from there to get my hair cut.

The footcare appointment went as well as I could have expected. The left ankle problem and the pain in that and up my left leg made for a bit of delicate handling (literally) of my foot while going about the footcare, but my specialist there did a good job and in the end, things worked out fine. Other than the business with my ankle and all, my feet are in relatively good shape.

From the footcare appointment, I managed to get over to the First Choice HairCutters place where I finally had my haircut. I'd left it way too long (no pun intended), as I'd not had a cut since before I went to HammerCon at the end of October, so I literally had a decent amount of hair taken off. More on the back of my head, of course, since there's not too much up top. <g> While I was in that small mall getting the haircut, I also stopped in at the WIND Mobile store and paid my most recent bill. Got a couple of pleasant surprises there as well, so that was nice.

After that, I managed to get back to the house and checked the car again. It was still dead, so I placed a call to CAA and am waiting for them to come and help me out. Or tow the car to the nearest garage. I was told that the wait would be a couple of hours, so they should be out any time now.

Meanwhile, a cup of hot tea and a couple of biscuits, methinks.
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