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A Snowy Friday Morning

An absolutely brutal day in the Ottawa valley, weather-wise.

It's been snowing for Goddess alone knows how long, and is dumping snow on the ground though it doesn't appear to be too deep for the moment. Probably going to get around 10 cms of snow before the start of evening. (At least that's what The Weather Network says.) There'll be probably another 10 cms of snow between tonight and Saturday afternoon. And then the fun starts. Freezing rain for Sunday. Oh, joy... NOT!

In the meantime, I am working from home. My boss was okay with this as, given it's Friday, not a lot of my co-workers came in for work today. Besides, I've got hot tea with me this morning, and I'm trying to rest the ankle somewhat after the exertions of yesterday and the manipulations of the ankle during footcare.

While I'm supposed to game tonight with the Friday group of players, I'm not sure this is going to happen. That will depend on how much more snow comes down during the rest of the daylight hours and whether they still want to game tonight or not.

For now, back to tea and work.
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