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Shovelling and Gaming Surprise

I've spent part of the afternoon digging the car out of the parking space, and actually letting it run for a bit. That was not fun.

The weather is nice and mild, so that was a good thing. The car was covered in a really heavy layer of snow, but it was surprisingly easy to scrape off the car as the freezing rain had made it have a relatively light feel to it that cracked off easily. The real problem was the fact that I had to shovel all the way around the car on all sides. That wasn't easy on the passenger side, which was buried with a good 2 feet of snow around it, and in the wheel wells from where the sidewalk cleaner had blown snow onto the car! Not fun to try and dig that out, but I managed. Once I got the car out of the parking space, I managed to clean the space out properly for the most part, and then put the car back. I was out there for a good hour or so just shovelling the white stuff. Came back in after moving the car back into its space, rested for a good half hour, and had a cup of tea. We'll see how my body feels tomorrow after these exertions.

And in surprising news, I'm gaming this evening!

As I mentioned, the weather has been quite decent today, but even so I was surprised when Kathy called me just around 5:00 pm to let me know that the Friday nighters want to play tonight, as since the weather seemed all right and despite the forecast for the evening, so I was fine with this. I'm expecting the players around 7:00 pm or so this evening, so looking forward to that.

Anyway, time to start thinking of supper and getting ready for the evening game.
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