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Working Christmas Eve as Usual

Tuesday morning. Christmas Eve.

Came in to the office this morning, though I really didn't have to as most of my co-workers are off on their holidays since Christmas falls in the middle of the week. The office is work as usual, per se, and I figured I would come in this morning to work for at least part of the day, and see how much I could get done. There's only some five of us, including a couple of my project co-workers and Donna. Quiet, peaceful, good for getting work done.

The Christmas party at work was yesterday, and I had a relatively good time there. Work was work as usual, though a few of my co-workers got a bit too drunk to work effectively, but the spirit of it all was there.

In health news, I've hurt my shoulder somewhat shovelling the snow off the car and cleaning the parking space around it the past few days. I've pulled something and I hurt all the way from the shoulder down to just below the elbow. Not comfortable, and typing hurts somewhat. Plan to take it easy the next few days, since it's the Christmas period and all, though there are a few things I really do want to do gaming-wise.
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