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Christmas Day

I spent yesterday, Christmas Day, relatively quiet for the most part.

I managed to do a bit of cleaning up of the gaming stuff in the den, and did a bit of writing on a couple of projects, some gaming some not, that I've been wanting to do for a bit. I also vacuumed the bedroom and the downstairs hallway, and then I had a quiet afternoon during which I watched two complete Classic Doctor Who serials on DVD, "The Aztecs" (which I've already seen) and "The Mind of Evil" (which I finally got around to.

Naturally, I spent the evening watching the Doctor Who retrospective on Matt Smith's Doctor, and then the new Christmas special, "The Time of the Doctor". (I'll be posting a short review of that later.) Had a light snack with a cup of tea before heading for bed for the night.

So a simple, quiet Christmas Day on the Casa Kahane front.
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