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Friday Night's Game Session of Yggdrasill

Last night's gaming session with the Friday night group, was a really fun, really enjoyable game session.

I continued to run the Yggdrasill game that I've currently got going, and the players had a good time with the session.

Everyone showed up by about a quarter past seven, so we got the game underway at that time. This particular session of the adventure had a bit of everything in it, some really heartfelt moments, plenty of combat, and was fraught with danger for the players and their characters. One of the combat sequences was the most complex and taxing (for me, anyway) that I've ever run in a game over the past ten years or so, but the players gave me a lot of help handling keeping track of some of the game numbers and the like, so that made things so much easier for me. There was also a good deal of player character interaction in the session, that highlighted some of the relationships that have developed among the characters, but there was some tension between the players' characters about some of the actions taken in the session.

This was the last gaming session for the Friday gaming group in 2013, and to be honest it was a satisfying game session and one that made for a fitting end to this year's gaming on Friday nights. I can't wait for the start of gaming in 2014! :)
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