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Diagnosis: Concussion

The new year of 2014 has not started the way I wanted it to.

After the incident in the morning (see the previous entry), I felt somewhat better immediately afterwards, but by mid-afternoon the pain in my head and some other symptoms made me re-think some stuff. I finally caved in, and went to the hospital around 8:30 pm this last night.

I got home about 10 minutes ago, and have had a bit of a bagel and some hot tea.

The diagnosis at the hospital is that I have a low-grade concussion from my "connection" with the wall in the house this past morning. I'm to take it easy for the next few days, take some pain medication as I need it, and just keep an eye and ear on how I feel over the next few days.

So much for a good start to 2014. *sigh*
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