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Dental Stuff Yesterday

Yesterday was one of those experiences that I always dread. The dentist.

Now, it was just a routine cleaning, mind you, but for me, the dental cleanings are a painful experience due to the fact that the medication for my diabetes has affected my teeth to some degree. So I went in expecting the worst.

The strange thing was that this was one of the easiest cleanings I've had in my life. It didn't require two appointments for the cleaning, it didn't require novocaine for the cleaning, and it went pretty smoothly all told. I've brushed too hard in a couple of places and so my gums have receded from the teeth (or whatever the right turn of phrase I'm looking for here is), and other than a need to floss more often, things are looking good.

What pleased me more, however, was that this was the fourth or fifth time in a row that I've had no tooth decay or any cavities. Amazing how healthy the teeth can be if you don't eat sugar and the like and eat a lot of vegetables. Happy is the best way to describe how I felt after the dental appointment! :)

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