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Freezing, Rainy Saturday Morning

Woke up this morning feeling somewhat tired, but that was only to be expected after gaming last night with the Friday gaming group for the first time in a while.

Aside from being tired, I'm headached somewhat as well, and feeling out of sorts to be honest, as well as having some bowel and tummy problems. That's another matter I won't go into here (fortunately).

The weather outside is totally bizarre. Last night, the freezing rain came down as the temperature rose to around -9oC. It's still doing that outside, but the precipitation is now mixed rain and freezing rain, and the temperature is around -1oC, and is supposed to go up to 5oC! In the second week of January, for Goddess's sake! Sheesh!

This means I'll be taking things easy here at home today, for the most part, as I'm terrified of going out and hurting myself or adding more problems on top of the concussion. So better safe inside than sorry outside.

As mentioned, I gamed last night with the Friday night group. More on that in a blog post later.
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