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Friday Night's Game Session of Yggdrasill

As already mentioned, I gamed last night with the Friday night group.

This was the first gaming session I've had in the new year, due to weather and physical problems, but I felt good enough yesterday to decide to run a game last night.

I ran a game session of the Yggdrasill game system last night.

Despite the weather conditions forecast, the various players were all here at my place for around 7:15 pm, so after recapping what had come before, we got down and into the game. This game session saw several combat situations, some very tough decision making, and some good roleplaying on the part of all the players. When the game session was over, the players felt like they had made the only decision that they could at the end, and they rather liked the ominous portent that I wrapped the game session on.

This session wrapped up the third scenario that the group has played of the game, and all of the players were rather pleased at how things are going. Most of the players stated that they're still quite enjoying the mechanical aspects of this game, and are having a good time with the Norse culture elements, finding this to be one of the serious strengths of the game.

A good way to start off the gaming year for 2014, and I'm looking forward to starting another Yggdrasill adventure with the Friday night group. (And for those of you waiting for a few more blog entries on the game, just be patient. I'll be posting up a few of these over the next few days.)
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