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Shopped Out

Holy smoke.

Just came back about forty-five minutes ago from a shopping trip over to Farm Boy to pick up some basics. spross came over this afternoon, and was kind enough to give me a ride over there, despite the weather, since I'm still not allowed to drive the car.

The weather was relatively warm (for a winter's day) with rain coming down, but the world outside my house is still a frozen nightmare of a road and parking spots. Just getting to the car once spross and I left the house was a nightmare in and of itself, and I almost fell down twice.

The drive to the store was fine, as the roads were slick and somewhat icy in places, but SteveR was cautious and all. I had a bit of a problem concentrating on stuff when we got to the store, but managed to buy most of what I needed. By the time we left the Farm Boy, I was having headaches again and was feeling physically drained. When we got back to the house, I experienced a few tricky moments getting to the stairs which were clear of slickness and ice. As I climbed the outside staircase, I felt weak and faint and almost collapsed, but made it up to the house door and into the house on sheer willpower.

Once in the house, I made some cheese and crackers for a snack, and had a cup of peppermint tea with honey, which seemed to settle me down again. I went and just relaxed on the couch, eyes closed, for about twenty minutes, and feel a bit better now.

The effects of the concussion have obviously still not worn off. Dammit!

Anyway, time to start thinking of some supper.
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