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Wasn't Going to Game on This Sunday, But...

Being as it's Sunday, I was supposed to game with the Sunday group today.

We haven't gamed since last year, specifically the 8th of December, for various reasons (including the holidays and some health stuff), so I was looking forward to it and getting back into the Yggdrasill game system with them.

I'm not feeling all that bad today, other than being plagued by the current stomach/bowel complaints, and so was looking forward to gaming today. However, Tammy has decided for various reasons (mostly work-related, but also weather stuff) not to come out and game today, so I originally called my other player, spross, and told him we're not gaming today. However, since he was going to come out anyway (for other reasons), I decided to run a short little adventure, maybe 3 hours or so, as there's some stuff I can take care with him pertaining to his Yggdrasill character's major storyline. So that's what we're going to do.

In the meantime, I need to take a hot shower and put some warmth into my bones for the rest of the day.
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