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Sunday Gaming Session of Yggdrasill

Finished gaming with the Sunday afternoon gaming group about half an hour ago.

Well, I shouldn't say the group here, as only spross was able to come out and game today.

That said, it was a really good session of gaming. The plan today had been to continue the Yggdrasill game campaign, but since Tammy didn't come out, I decided that I would further the main plot that spross's Adalstein Ulfarsson is involved with, as there was a lot of stuff he needed to learn. So I ran a single-session scenario with spross of just over three (3) hours.

The game session went really well. The adventure was designed to give him (and his character) some hints and ideas about what Adalstein needs to do to deal with the personal Curse he is under as well as fix the situation involving the broken Pact. The game session had a little bit of everything in it, including a couple of small fights that he and the NPC, Hulm Ranolfsson, handled quite nicely. Then the Norse mythology elements took over with just a tad of magic thrown in for good measure, and it made for an enjoyable game session.

To be honest, I've not run a one-player session in some time. The Friday night group of six or seven players usually always come out, and if not there's usually three or four of them, whereas in the Sunday group of two players (yes, I really do want to add a few players to the mix, so if you're interested, e-mail or PM me here...) Tammy and spross don't usually want to play when one or the other is not available. So, this was a nice change. I love one-on-one sessions and one-session games at times because they allow me to simplify the number of characters and NPCs being dealt with, and to tailor the session to the player character. Not to mention doing something game-wise that is self-contained in a three- or four-hour game session.

If there was a problem with the session, it's the fact that I'm still feeling the effects of the concussion somewhat. I felt sluggish and a bit unintelligent, and couldn't remember a few things (of course I've only run the game now three times in close to four or five weeks, with all sorts of other stuff going on). Or perhaps I just need to get back into the swing of regular gaming again. :)

In any event, I had a good time with the game today. Yggdrasill is still one of my favourite rpgs, and one of the more enjoyable systems that I've run the past couple of years, and I'm looking forward to next week's resumption of normal play (assuming that Tammy games).
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