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Home From the Hospital

Just got back home from the Riverside Hospital and the blood lab there where I had my tests done this morning.

I got there a bit later than planned, and there were lots of people. So I had about half an hour's wait. When I got there and handed in the form for the tests, the registrar informed me that my doctor also wanted some urine tests done, and I needed to go upstairs to the Diabetic Clinic, get the form, come back down, and give them the sample. Since I had a half-hour to wait, that was no problem. In any event, as per usual they took way too many vials of my blood as far as I'm concerned, but it's over and done with now.

Managed to get home, but am feeling tired and somewhat nauseous, not to mention I've got some acid reflux as well. Took some Gaviscon, so that helped, but the best thing I can do right now is eat breakfast. So that's the plan.
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