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Good Friends and Chinese Food

Just got back about ten minutes ago after going out this evening for Chinese food.

Kathy came by around 6:10 pm and picked me up. She had Ellie with her, along with Joanne and Crystal. We drove over to Brother Wu's, and met up with the rest of the folks - Nick, Laura (his wife), and David and Angela. So overall, a good group of eight (8) people. A good size for a Chinese meal.

Once settled in at the table, and a bit of amiable chatter over cups of Chinese tea while browsing the menu, we ordered our food. I started off having a bowl of mustard greens with pork soup, and then when the appetizers came, had one of the gow tien and followed this up with two of the Hunan dumplings, but they were a bit too spicy for my taste. The rest of the dishes consisted of the General T'sao's chicken, sizzling beef on platter, moo she chicken with pancakes, beef with orange sauce (which was too spicy for me as well, though I had a couple of spoonfuls), Buddha's delight, and a couple of shrimp dishes that I didn't touch or go anywhere near. Overall, a lovely evening meal.

By the time we finished dinner, washed down with Chinese tea and finished with fortune and almond cookies, it was close to 9:20 pm, and it was a great evening of food and talk.

Kathy, Ellie, Joanne, Crystal, and I bundled back into the car, and Kathy dropped me off at the house. I'm just going to have a mug of herbal tea, and then a bit of an apple, and then it'll be off to put my feet up and relax for about twenty minutes or so before heading to bed.

Overall, a lovely way to end the day after the rough morning that I had.
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