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Sunday Afternoon Game Report - Yggdrasill RPG Session 5

Here's the fifth session report on the Sunday afternoon Yggdrasill game campaign. This session dates back to December 8th, 2013. You can read about the previous session of the campaign in this journal entry. This post is somewhat long, so I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.

April 1st, Year 101 (since founding of Ulvfrist)

After Eskel leaves, Dagmar Ivarsdottir (Tammy) talks to Adalstein Ulfarsson (spross) about matters. They discuss his blood and its taint affecting others in both combat and non-combat situations. She inquires about his sex life with Gudrid, and the time when their child was conceived. She's relieved to learn that the child was conceived more than three weeks before. They also discuss the amount of opposition and the ill will of the people that he will have to deal with, as well as the fact that wolves will always attack him.

Nordis Gandalvsdottir, the herbalist, asks if they're coming in or not. Nordis confirms that Gudrid conceived the child well before Adalstein became afflicted with the Mark of the Wolf. She agrees to allow her apprentice, Gudry Ottarsdottir, to go with them, but that Dagmar shall be solely responsible for Gudry's safety. Adalstein learns that the wolf's-head bane can be found in the Meadow of the Dead (Hel's Meadow) up near Stelj Pass. They will have to cross the Staerkvand by barge, and skirt the edges of the Hoj (minding its dangers) to get there. A forester by the name of Hulm Ranolfsson (NPC), who has a vested interest in Gudry, could be persuaded to guide the group to the Meadow. Siv and Hrani, Nordis's two young children, talk of the "fossies" (fosse-grim) said to inhabit the river, but the others try to dismiss this as superstition, though Dagmar feels her spine go cold, almost a sign of a premonition. She sees the Isa rune - a sign of cold, stagnation, ice, and betrayal.

They are interrupted by Bera Olofsdottir, the apprentice healer, who tells Dagmar that Osk sent her. Amana has no more than five days to live. Adalstein tries to find out Amana's condition, but Bera treats him as being ostracised. She pokes her head back in as she departs, telling Dagmar that Amana is comatose. She did, however, cry out about the wolf several times. Before Nordis sends them on their way, she questions Adalstein about why he did what he did. Afterwards, Nordis tells Dagmar not to take Adalstein , but she tells the herbalist that he has to go to make reparations. Nordis asks if Dagmar consulted the gods, but the volva tells her not lately. Nordis says she might not like what she sees when she does so. Adalstein and Dagmar depart from the herbalist's home.

The player characters head off in search of Hulm Ranolfsson. Dagmar learns that Hulm may be found near the town's main gates. As they walk, Dagmar asks Adalstein if he's going to tell Gudrid everything, and he replies that he'll tell her the truth. As he tells Dagmar what he will tell his wife, Adalstein admits that he killed the wolf because it bit him, and he got angry. It dared to attack him!

They arrive at the gates to find Hulm and several other Norsemen hauling timber to the walls for use as reinforcement. Hulm agrees to go with them to the Meadow of the Dead, despite Adalstein's presence, because of Amana and because Gudny is going with them. He begs Dagmar not to tell Gudny that he's going with them when Dagmar says that Nordis and Gudny already agreed to allow the apprentice healer to accompany her and Adalstein.

Dagmar finds Gudny at the herbalist's home, and she agrees to go on the mission of mercy despite the Cursed One's presence. Dagmar doesn't say his name, but Gudny realises that the forester, Hulm, will go as well, much to her amusement and pleasure. She tells Dagmar that she doesn't love her fiancé, Jodan, so guesses that the Volva will also have to try and play chaperone. Gudny says it should be a lot of fun. Gudny agrees to meet Dagmar and the others in three hours at the main gates.

Adalstein goes home, and has an intense, earnest conversation with Gudrid. He tells her everything he knows about the curse and all. She thanks him for his honesty, finally, but says that even knowing that he knew, he tried to have relations with her during the past three weeks. She says that she's going to stay with her sister, Glyda Hallsson, until the babe is born. He says that he is going to try to make up for all of the mistakes he's made recently, and then agrees to take her belongings to her sister's place to start.

Adalstein then tries to go and visit Amana at the healer's, but Haakon Igusson, Osk's husband, says he won't let him in to see his sister, as he's a danger to himself and others. Amana is still comatose, and he wishes him well on his herb quest. He doesn't blame Adalstein for becoming accursed. Adalstein goes back to his now empty home to pack, after offering a votive to Heimdall to watch over him, Gudny, Hulm, and Dagmar for their journey.

The Sunday afternoon players got back into the scenario of the Yggdrasill RPG that they were playing back when I stopped running right before HammerCon. The players got back into the game rather slowly, having to get the mindset of the Norse gaming world and the game mechanics once more, and so this session was, to be honest, a bit slow in feel and style, and somewhat along the lines of a game of catch-up.

While neither spross or Tammy felt the game session was all that productive, I found that things did move forward somewhat. Sure, there were no fights or battles or skirmishes, but there was some good roleplaying, though SteveR is still having a lot of trouble coming to grips with his character's major plot as well as with who/what his character is.

Given my health today, I was honestly glad that I didn't have the characters engage in any combat situations, as I don't think my head could have processed a skirmish or larger fight all that well. I thought the game session went as well as could be expected, and had a pretty good time of it.
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