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Awake on a Saturday Morning

Woke up this morning somewhat tired.

But it was a good sort of tired. I got to bed last night around 12:45 am after gaming with the Friday night gaming group (more on that in a separate blog post) but woke up after a nightmare that I don't remember around 5:30 am. Fell asleep again, and woke up finally at 8:15 am. (Which is late in the morning for me.)

Just finished breakfast and figured that I would blog this up. I'm tired, like I said, but feel a bit invigorated. Good thing, since I need to do some stuff around the house today, and I'll be going out this afternoon (hopefully) to pay off my WIND Mobile bill.

In the meantime, I've got some gaming stuff I plan on doing today, including writing up the notes on last night's game, and working on my scenario for CanGames this year.
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