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Saturday Afternoon Stuff

I have spent part of the afternoon out and about.

spross dropped by this afternoon, and despite the snowy, slippery conditions outside, we took a drive over to the WIND Mobile store so I could pay my bill, and where I was hoping to talk to the veteran sales person about the state of WIND Mobile and its parent company and some of the stuff that's been happening with them of late. Alas, the fellow wasn't there today (he took a day off for the day), so that didn't happen.

From there, spross drove us over to the east end Farm Boy store, where I was able to pick up some decent deli meats and some Havarti cheese. I also picked up a mild chorizo, as I have a dish that I want to try out, but I need to do some other research on the meat itself before I can cook the dish in question. I know it's not too healthy in some ways, but I just want to try a couple of dishes out with it once.

In the meantime, tonight is an evening of rest. I've been pretty active for most of the day, other than the early morning hours, so I'm looking forward to a quiet night in with a bit of DVD watching and maybe a bit of reading.

The good news so far today is that I've only had a headache twice.
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