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Friday Night Game Report - Yggdrasill RPG Session 11

Here is the eleventh session report on the Friday night Yggdrasill game campaign. This session was played on Friday night, and is the most recent game session of the Friday group. You can read about the previous session of the campaign in this journal entry. This post is somewhat long, so I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.

May 14th, 215

The player characters begin the scenario in the town of Grontvand, going about their normal, everyday lives. Sigrun Evardsdottir (Angela) is training with her brother, Eirik, learning the ways of sword combat. She is proving to be an adept student, though her brother constantly worries about injuring her, thus ensuring the wrath of their father, Evard Knudsson. Ingrid Horoldsdottir (Kathy) observes the training while she spars with another of the town's hirdmen, Karnuf Arnesson, and finds that Sigrun is distracting her from her own training. She focuses a bit more on her opponent.

Thulr Ogir Haralfsson (Nick) has taken the volva, Dagna Sytrsdottir (Joanne), out of the town to the edges of the Tornede Forest, and is teaching her a little bit about communing with nature. They are accompanied by Dagna's apprentice, Jordis Hodersdottir, who is being inquisitive and somewhat disruptive at the same time. Dagna appears to be more interested in learning about how to survive in the woods, rather than teach her apprentice, but Ogir is content with his lesson for the morning, and the three head back to the town.

Meanwhile, Vigfur Egilsson (Tom) and Amund Torkelsson (David) are out in the woods, near a small stream, where Vigfur is teaching the skald some wood lore as well as a bit about sneaking, as both could have used some extra ability in this regard during their most recent adventure with the Blood Bears tribe. Vigfur teaches him a little about sneaking about, as well as giving him some tips on woodland survival. The two decide that it is time to head back to Grontvand.

By mid-afternoon, the player characters have all returned to Grontvand, and are spending a bit of time together, just enjoying each other's company and regaling each other with tales of the morning's exploits so far. They are approached by Deris, one of Evard's retainers, who tells them that the Jarl is requesting their presence. When the characters enter the longhouse, the mood is somewhat sombre. Sigrun notices the presence of two of the townsfolk, Edda Hermodsdottir and her husband, Infred Lifsson, and she is immediately concerned.

Evard informs the player characters that Infred and Edda's eldest daughter, Astrid, has gone missing. The player characters know the vivacious young woman was training with the healer, Osk Knutsdottir, and that she is prone to going out of the town to the edge of the Tornede Skov on her own, learning what she can of herb lore. When asked, no one has seen Astrid since the early morning hours. Her parents' concern is that she if she went out of the town, she'll be in the woods or nearby when darkness falls, and there are animals and creatures that are dangerous by night.

Vigfur, who knows the young woman somewhat, volunteers to go out and see if he can find her, and Sigrun immediately says that she will go with him as well. Ingrid and Ogir agree to join them as well, and Amund and Dagna decide to go with the others for their own reasons. Gathering up what they need, the group of characters set out into the town's surroundings. Vigfur says that he knows that Astrid likes to go to the edge of the Tornede just to the northwest of Grontvand, so the party agrees that this is where they will start.

Before the party can leave the town gates' area, they are approached by Arnor Vagnsson, a young woodcrafter from the village who is also deeply in love with Astrid. He says that he has heard the news about her being missing, and that he wants to come with them to help find her. Sigrun and Dagna are willing to allow the young man to accompany them, but Ingrid and Vigfur object to this, as Arnor is no fighter, and they don't know what they are walking into. Arnor says he's very good with an axe, and while Ogir agrees with this point, he points out that the use of an axe for hewing wood is different than using it to cut a man's arm off. In the end, however, the player characters decide to allow Arnor to accompany them, despite Vigfur's misgivings.

The player characters and Arnor set off at a brisk pace, the walk allowing them to get to know the young man somewhat, though not distracting them from their surroundings. After some 30 minutes of travel, Vigfur says they are roughly at the spot that Astrid is fond of coming to for her herb gathering. He immediately spots recent tracks that he says are the girl's, and the characters follow the tracks into the edges of the wood. The early spring growth is a welcome change from the wood's seemingly barren nature in winter, but they are hindered somewhat by the vegetation. An eerie quiet surrounds them as they travel, something that Ogir is worried about; something in the wood is "wrong", he tells them.

Moving relatively quickly, but quietly, through the forest, Vigfur continues to follow the tracks, but is annoyed as Arnor dogs his path from behind. Vigfur stops abruptly, and the other characters ask him what is wrong. Vigfur points at the ground, where a dark, small pouch lies on the ground with several drops of what appear to be blood, and a piece of soft, dark green cloth. Upon seeing it, Arnor is shocked as he tells the others that the pouch is one he gifted to Astrid. The rest of the party expresses concern, given the evidence they have found. Vigfur sees what appear to be a series of large tracks in the ground and leaf mould, but believes he is mistaken about them. He calls Ogir over to look at them, and the thulr confirms what he thinks. Vigfur sadly looks at the other player characters and tells them that he thinks there is a troll in the area - and that it may have taken and possibly have killed Astrid...

This was the start of a new scenario for the Yggdrasill RPG on the part of the Friday night gamers, and they had a pretty good time of it. The adventure started slowly, as I mentioned in a previous post, and while there was no combat there was plenty of social issues and conflicts to deal with, along with a smattering of other stuff.

A good session of gaming overall, and I'm looking forward to the next session of Yggdrasill next week. Weather permitting, of course.
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