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Gaming on a Sunday Afternoon

Spent the afternoon playing Yggdrasill with the Sunday afternoon gaming group and had a pretty good time of it.

Tammy and spross were both right around time, just, and that was pretty good considering the drives that both of them had to make and the snowy conditions on the roads. Once we settled down at the table to game, I started off the Yggdrasill session going over what had come before and re-familiarising the players with the basics of the game rules. Then we got into the gaming session.

I think the players had a good time with the game. This was the first time that both Tammy and spross gamed together since December 8th of 2013, so it had been a long time (though SteveR played a solo session last week) and this was good fun. Things were a bit rough as both players struggled to get back to the game system and the Norse mindset needed for this one, but eventually things got back on track. While there was no combat in the session, the players dealt with a tricky situation on a barge and have a somewhat cliffhanger type of ending to the session.

In any event, I'm looking forward to running the game next week.
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