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Appointment at the Eye Clinic

Up bright and early this morning, as I have an appointment at the Eye Clinic at the Ottawa General this morning at 9:50 am.

As part of the diabetes regimen, I have my eyes checked out once every year, usually the beginning of the new year, and today is the day.

The only problem with this, of course, is that due to the anaesthtic and the pupil dilation drops that they put in my eyes, vision will be somewhat blurry for the rest of the day and everything will be too bright. And it's even worse because on days like today when there's lots of snow on the ground, the whiteout effect is there for the eyes and vision as well.

While I have to drive to the appointment, I've got a pair of neat, wrap-around sunglasses that will help, and the tinted glass on the car windows will aid in this respect as well.

Anyway,time to get the morning stuff done and get ready to head out. Hopefully the car will start.
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