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Home From the Eye Clinic

I have just returned home from the eye appointment by way of Tim Horton's. :)

The eye exam was the routine eye exam, but the doctor checked a couple of things related to the concussion as well, and there's bad news. The retina in my left eye is slightly "loose", and that's what been accounting for the blurriness in the eye. He told me that it's one of the possible side effects from the concussion, but that it should correct itself given time. He just warned me about certain things to do and not do to make this happen by itself, so time is a matter of patience and all that.

In the good news department, my eyes have not changed during the course of the year, so there's no need for a new prescription, and there is no sign of retinopathy in my eyes. Yay!

On the way home, I stopped off at the Conroy and Walkley Road Tim Horton's and had myself a bowl of hot beef noodle soup, just to warm up a bit, and sat and rested there for a moment or two. Lovely snackage, and it will do for lunch mostly today I think, as the blurriness and fuzziness in the eyes right now makes me just want to rest and relax somewhat.

I'm going to take a second shower now, I think.
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