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River of Heaven RPG Kickstarter Update and News

As I've noted in a couple of previous blog entries (here and here), there's a new science fiction roleplaying game coming out in the next five months or so called River of Heaven.

Over on the River of Heaven Kickstarter, Newt Newport has opened up a Galactic Merchant level and another level of pledge for backers of the project (Cryogenic Colonist), and announced a supplement, the River of Heaven Companion, for sometime in November/December. Great news.

So if this game excites you, you're interested in the game, or you're thinking of getting involved in the River of Heaven Kickstarter, head on over to the site and pledge your support around this game. It's hit the £2,000 goal, thus adding extra artwork to the main rulebook, and now the supporters are trying to get the product to the £4,000 goal of making the art in the book full colour.
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