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Cold Day in Ottawa

Wednesday morning. Hump Day. More than anything, Frozen Hump Day.

Woke up this morning to another brutally cold day here in the Ottawa valley. (Again.)

I figured today that I would come in to the office to work, as I really need to do some work at my desk in the office, and take care of some of the computer aspects of the job that I can't really do from home (though the network does make things easier when working from home).

Needless to say, I've been cold ever since I went out this morning to start the car, and I haven't been able to warm up here at the office. The cold has just gone right through my bones, I guess. I'm on my second cup of herbal tea this morning, and they've been warming. Just not for long.

In any event, I'll be leaving the office today around 12:30, as I've got a footcare appointment this afternoon that I'm looking forward to (as my feet are a bit dry).

Other than that, I just want to try and stay somewhat warm this afternoon.
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