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Cold Friday Morning

Another brutally cold day here in the Ottawa valley, though it's supposed to warm up. It's currently -29oC, with a wind chill of -37oC. Brrr! Even a witch's you-know-whats would freeze in this weather.

With that said, I've decided to work from home today, as I woke up this morning with a bit of a headache, and it looks like I've got a bit of red in my left eye. The boss is okay with this, so I don't feel guilty about not going into the office today. In the meantime, I can work from the nice, relatively warm house.

Today, being a Friday, means it's a gaming night here at Casa Kahane. I'll be continuing the Yggdrasill game tonight with the Friday night group, and I'm looking forward to it. Will do a bit of prep for that game this afternoon, once work is done.
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