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Saturday Morning Thoughts

Another somewhat cold day in the Ottawa valley, though it can't be that cold as it snowed outside last night and I can see from the window there's a few flakes of the white stuff coming down.

Friday night was pretty good. As that was a gaming night, I'll be blogging about that later today and posting up the transcript of the game session as near as I can figure it out (with some help on the combat sequence events from the Friday night players).

I don't really need to do any grocery shopping today, so there's nothing on the day's agenda for me going out at all. I will take a walk outside, if possible, right after I finish this blog entry, as the fresh air will do me good and so will a bit of exercise. :)

After that, I plan to spend part of the day working on some gaming stuff, notably the Atlantis: The Second Age scenario(s) for CanGames 2014, and sorting out some more of the games that I want to sell this year at the convention.

Beyond that, I'm not thinking that far. :)
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