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The March That Was

So, the end of another month. March gives way to April, and hopefully the beginning of true Spring and all that good, green, leafy stuff.

So, let's sum up my March...

From the work and weather point of view, things started off really bad, at least weather-wise. A ton of snow dropped on Ottawa the first two weeks of March, bringing the city close to several major records for snowfall, and there were also periods of rain, freezing rain, and sleet. My getting to work was really hampered by this, and I fell on the ice several times one week. Work itself was no less stressful than it's ever been, but at least it keeps me busy. :)

Health-wise, March was an average month I would say. I had a dental appointment to clean my teeth that went better than I expected, and nothing else was really wrong with me. I didn't eat as healthily as I should have for someone with diabetes, but that's just me and a bit of lack of willpower for the month. :(

My reading was extremely poor in March, slowing down to a bare crawl for the most part. This was largely due to the amount of work that I needed to do on the roleplaying game front for demos and the like (see below), and I really regret that my reading time had to suffer. I only managed to read three books, Cugel's Saga by Vance, Perdido Street Station by Miéville, and Against the Fall of Night by Clarke, all re-reads. Had two rpg manuscripts to read - Desolation, a fantasy post-apocalyptic rpg that uses the Ubiquity system (which will debut at Gen Con Indy this year, and which I am currently running on the Friday night group (see below)), and Fantastic World, the Victorian Penny Dreadful rpg, also using the Ubiquity system, that is going to be published by Battlefield Press some time later this year hopefully. Between that, Locus, and my comics for February, that was pretty much all I could muster reading-wise. The good news is that my omnibus hardcover volumes of the John Carter of Mars books arrived middle of the month, so there will be some good things to read in my queue over the next little while. And I plan to revisit some H. Rider Haggard this month as well.

From a television point of view, the British ITV series Primeval returned to Canada's science fiction station for its second series, and while I am enjoying that to some extent, it doesn't have the spark and the shine that it had the first season. I'm also watching my guilty pleasures, Men in Trees and The L Word, and have rather enjoyed the new series New Amsterdam. Nothing much else on these days, but April brings the return of first-run tv so we'll see what's on.

March was notable for the deaths of several folks, including Gary Gygax, Dave Stevens, and Arthur C. Clarke. All three deaths affected me in various ways, and to be honest, depressed me at times, especially the death of Clarke. I re-read one of his books at the end of the month, sort of as a tribute to the man.

My love life is dead and buried for now, and that's pretty much the way I want to leave it at the moment. In some ways, the scars from Stef still cut deep at times.

On the roleplaying front, March was a very strange month.

I am scheduled to run two games at CanGames this year, "The Pyramid of Doom" for Hollow Earth Expedition and "The Featherstone Affair for Unhallowed Metropolis. "Pyramid" has taken me a lot longer, almost four months, to finish off the writing on that one, but the UnMet game is dead in the water. While the scenario is plotted and about 1/2 written in its final form, the creation of the player characters for the game would take me quite a while, and I don't feel comfortable with the running of it (since I've only run three or four sessions of the game to begin with). I've cancelled the UnMet runnings at the con (I hope), and will be running a demo of Desolation instead called "A Few Good Men".

From a campaign point of view, the Friday night group finished the HEX playtest of "The Pyramid of Doom" at the beginning of the month, and then got back into the Desolation fantasy post-apocalyptic rpg, and are having a wonderful time with the game. The Sunday afternoon group is...well, I'm not sure what we're doing there. I re-started the Hollow Earth Expedition rpg with them, since Tammy Powers was unhappy with the previous run and had gotten quite frustrated with it at the time. Too be honest, I was quite disappointed with it myself because I forgot that in Pulp adventure, you can't run multiple plotlines at the same time (for some reason didn't have this problem with the Friday night group, likely because of more players, I suppose). That didn't get off the ground too well. I had them do some of the playtesting of "Pyramid of Doom" at the beginning of the month, but when spross decided to re-design his character a couple of times, Tammy got even more frustrated. Add to that the fact that I was going to start Unhallowed Metropolis with the group, but with spross's inability to decide on background and the like for his Unhallowed Metropolis character and Tammy's annoyance with this, Steve ended up running some HEX; this is a good thing, since to be honest, he needs the practice running the game, since he's scheduled to run a few scenarios at Gen Con Indy and all, and I suspect he'll use us to test and write the plot for his scenario for the game. So that's not a bad thing. However, to add insult to injury, I discovered that the new character Tammy created for my HEX game was just a modified version of the one that she created for the game with Steve...not a nice thing to do, so I'm rather annoyed at her about it. She, of course, sees them as two completely different characters. Awww, nuts! :(

The demo that I was supposed to run of Hollow Earth Expedition on March 8th, "Prisoner of the Reich", didn't quite happen the way it was supposed to. You can read about that here and here. Very disappointing.

I decided at the end of the month to relaunch the Hollow Earth Expedition PBeM game that I was running on Yahoo Groups. Part of this was due to the fact that I still want to run HEX at the moment, but the campaign games don't seem to there for me right now, so this is the way of getting my "fix" of it. You can read all about that in this journal entry. There's still a few slots open for the game, so...

Anyway, that recap of March went on longer than I planned it to, but I covered all the points I can remember about the month that was.

Hope the new month will be a bit less hectic than the old! :)
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