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They Are Mine Again!

I've had many regrets over my years of playing and running roleplaying games.

One of the biggest regrets that I've had over the last few years was that I allowed myself to let go of the English version of the Agone roleplaying game. I sold most of the English stuff and some of the French stuff that I had at a CanGames several years ago, but the rest of the Agone stuff that I had was destroyed during the flood that I suffered in my basement a couple of years back.

I'd been meaning to find copies of the English products for the game - Agone RPG, The Agone GameMaster Pack, King of Spring, The Grimoire, Vol 1, and The Grey Papers - again, but kept putting it off and so forth. Well, no more...

They are mine again!!! HAHAHAHA!!!

As the photos below prove! (And yes, I am a shite photographer at times, but today's been a bad day for the headaches and the shakes. Tough.)


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