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Sunday Gaming Session

I finished running the Sunday gaming session of Yggdrasill about an hour ago, but have taken a bit of a rest before writing this basic blog entry.

The players, spross and Tammy, showed up around the usual 1:00 pm, and after a talk about a couple of other things, we got down to gaming. The session was pretty intense, as the player characters had a deadline to work to, and after a couple of random encounters and dealing with some interpersonal stuff and a bit of a crisis at the beginning, arrived at their destination. Needless to say, Hel's Meadow was not the easiest place the characters had to deal with, and achieving their quest put them through some difficult hoops and some difficult choices.

When the game ended, the players were pretty happy with the way the game had gone, though spross seemed a bit annoyed at something (I'm not sure what). Tammy was pretty happy about how things resolved, though she did mention to me that she had worried that she wouldn't be able to live with the deal that she made at the end. There was some pretty good conflict in the session, both psychological as well as physical combat, and the players were happy with this.

Like the Friday night group, I haven't decided what I want to run this coming weekend. We'll see what happens as the week goes by.
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