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RPG Gaming Stuff for Sale, Part II

As noted in this earlier blog entry, I've decided with great reluctance to purge my collection of roleplaying games. These will be sold off at this year's CanGames here in Ottawa the weekend of May 16th. I figured that I would post up the stuff that I'm selling to my blog so folks have a heads-up on what I'm selling and all (and anyone who's coming to the convention can make me an offer or three). You can see the previous post with the first batch of items here in this Gaming Stuff for Sale, Part I post.

For now, here's another batch of stuff that I'm selling.

Blade & Crown RPG, the a/state RPG

Airship Pirates RPG and the Ruined Empires supplement for the game

The Parsec SF RPG, the WitchCraft RPG, 1st Edition

So anyone who wants to make me an offer can do so here in the Comments, or drop me an e-mail at johnk100 AT sympatico DOT ca.
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