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Health and Desolation

Came in to work this morning, but I still feel like crap.

My head aches, my throat's a bit raw, and I've got a touch of a cough and dripping sinuses. To be honest, it doesn't feel like a cold or anything so much as allergies, but the cough isn't consistent with allergies, and my blood glucose readings tell me I'm fighting off some sort of infection. Hopefully, I'll feel better over the weekend, and if not, will go in and see the doctor at some point, if necessary.

When I get home today, I will post up the March report of how things went at Casa Kahane. There was a lot going on last month, and this month promises to be just as interesting, if hopefully a little less hectic.

Looking forward to running Desolation, the fantasy post-apocalyptic rpg that will be out at Gen Con Indy this year. Having a great time with the system, and the fact that it's powered by the Ubiquity engine makes it all that much better. If I remember, will post a bit about the campaign of Desolation during the weekend.
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