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Getting Ready to Roll on Down That (Atomic) Highway...

With the exception of a couple of things in terms of the blog stuff I've written today, I've been slogging away at getting stuff ready for the Atomic Highway game that I'll be starting tonight with the Friday gaming group.

The final aspects of the game environment that I plan to use, the Ottawa valley, with Ottawa renamed 200 years hence as Byetown (long story, ask me if you want to know in the Comments), have come together quite nicely. With a bit of help from a couple of good friends over the last two days or so.

But tonight's the test. The Friday night gamers will be creating characters for the game, and depending on how long that takes and what they want to know of the game world they're playing in, I might even get to start the game and all. That would be neat. We'll see.

In the meantime, back to a bit more work on it. Then it will be supper in about 45 minutes.
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