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Friday Night Game - Atomic Highway Character Creation

Home from being out and about and taking care of stuff in the early afternoon. Figured I'd blog about last night's gaming session with the Friday night gaming group.

The Friday night gamers showed up at my place around 7:00 pm or so, all ready and gung-ho to game. Once everyone was settled in comfortably for the gaming night, we got down to busines. I was just starting the Atomic Highway game off this night, so it was meant to be a session of character generation on the part of the players.

Started the evening off by talking to the players about what I had planned for the game. I talked about the setting for the game (Ottawa some 200 years down the road after the apocalypse), and then got into a bit of detail about the immediate game world they would concern themselves with and the Ottawa (called Byetown) they would be dealing with. The players were quite enthusiastic about this. I followed this up by explaining how character generation works in the system (see the recent example of character creation for more on that), and then explained the basic rules of the game after handing each player a character sheet set for the game. (One sheet is for the character, and one for the character's vehicle, if any.)

Once the players got into character generation in earnest, things went pretty smoothly for the most part and all. Here's the list of the Atomic Highway player characters that were created last night.

Kathy (Bauer) - True to form, Kathy decided to go for another thief-like character. She created Ishara Tannhauser, a thief and scavenger from a remnant stronghold who now does scavenging work for anyone who can afford her prices.

Nick (Roberts) - Nick decided to the route whole hog in the game, and created Dexter Mahoney, a foul-mouthed road warrior, with a lot of gumption, no common sense, and a need for adventure and speed! Should be fun to watch this character. :)

Tom (Robinson) - Tom decided to do a post-apocalyptic character with a Purpose, and created for himself Adrian Horfeld, a 'steader sentinel out for revenge on those who killed his wife.

Joanne (Clarke) - Joanne decided to go with a character that has knowledge and a love of it, and she created Wynona ("Winnie") Jones, a lore keeper from a remnant community who has a strong desire to see the world. And a curiosity to match.

Angela (Marsh) - Angela saw herself playing a caregiver and nurterer in the post-apocalyptic world, and so she created Emilie Leduc, a French 'steader healer with a strong desire to save others, but constrained by the knowledge available in the post-apocalyptic world.

David (Matchuk) - David's something of a connoisseur of the Native American types, being half himself, and decided to go that route after I talked about the role I saw them playing in the game. He decided to play William Petosegay, a wanderer, guide, and scout who has a passionate dislike for settlements.

Ellie (Bauer) - Last but not least, my goddaughter. Ellie wanted to play something a bit darker for a change in this game, considering all her previous characters to be somewhat "light" in tone. Riiiiight! :) In any event, she created an older character for herself this time, Katelin ("Greasy") Johnson, a remnant greaser kid with a dark secret of her own.

The players finished off their characters with basic gear that they felt they all needed, and then we talked some more about the game system and its mechanics. By that time, it was getting pretty late, so we agreed to break for the night (well, early morning) and do some sample combats and start actual play next week.

A good night, and good game session all told.
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