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An Enjoyable Saturday

Saturday was pretty uneventful, other than the storm that dumped a wampum of snow on the Ottawa valley.

spross showed up at my place much earlier than I expected, around 10:45 am or so, as he wanted to take care of stuff before the snow started to come down in the afternoon.

After I showered, he and I did some work on the Atomic Highway campaign notes in the late morning.

We went over to Tim Horton's for lunch, and I had the chili which was pretty good. Tasty, and not spicy at all. Since I didn't want the chili in a donut combo, I also had a grilled cheese sandwich with it, along with the customary bottle of water. It had started to snow before we left for Tim's, and by the time we finished lunch it was coming down somewhat heavily. From there, it was over to Farm Boy, and I picked up the small amount of groceries there that I needed. There was lots of snow on the ground by that time, and so it was home as quickly (but safely) as possible, so that spross could start his trip home.

I had made arrangements the week before with Crystal that she was going to come over and stay on Saturday night, and she was not deterred by the weather. Had a pleasant evening and night, and she left about half an hour ago for a lunch date with her girlfriends. In the meantime, I need to take care of a few things pertaining to gaming today, so...
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