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Sunday Afternoon Game - Atomic Highway Character Creation

Sunday afternoon gaming is over, thank Goddess.

In some ways, this has to be one of the most frustrating, slow gaming sessions I've had in a while. The worst thing is, I should have expected it.

spross and Tammy showed up around 1:00 pm, and both were looking forward to the gaming session for the day. I was pretty stoked about it myself, as I had been looking forward to the Sunday session most of the week. Once everyone was settled down, we started in on the gaming session. I was preparing to start the Atomic Highway game off on this afternoon, so the game session was meant to be a session of character generation on the part of the players. With only two players to deal with, instead of the seven on Friday night, I figured this would be relatively easy and that it wouldn't take too long.

I started off the session talking to the players about what I planned and envisioned for the game, though that got off to a bit of a rocky start as I couldn't sort out the descriptive words in my head. I talked about the setting for the game (Ottawa some 200 years down the road after the apocalypse, and then got into a bit of detail about the immediate game world they would concern themselves with and the Ottawa (called Byetown) they would be dealing with. (Yes, I'm running both the Friday and Sunday groups in the same setting; makes my life easier!) The players seemed quite please and relatively enthusiastic about this. I followed this up by explaining how character generation works in the system (see the recent example of character creation for more on that), and then explained the basic rules of the game after handing each player a character sheet set for the game. (One sheet is for the character, and one for the character's vehicle, if any.)

Once character generation started, I figured that things would be relatively easy. Nothing could have been farther from the truth. Tammy came up with her Character Concept for the game relatively quickly after I went through the various Rearings and Pursuits with her and SteveR, and he seemed to feel that he could work with her character and came up with a basic Character Concept for himself. I thought the basic idea worked well, but when I asked him about some of the logic of the background, that's when things fell apart. For some reason, spross has the habit of coming up with character concept 2-liners very easily, but doesn't think past the two sentences/lines about what the character concept means. And then when one asks him to explain more details (i.e., flesh out the material a bit more), he becomes frustrated and flustered. Add to this that he doesn't talk to the other player(s) about his character, how they can work together, etc., and he doesn't talk to me about his thought process on the character and the like, essentially creating the character in a personal vacuum), and... What should have been a 45-minute or less process of character generation stretched into almost 2 hours (or more; I can't remember it all clearly), and by the time we got past the basics and moved into filling in the last details, I was pretty frustrated by the whole thing with him, and Tammy was frustrated and annoyed.

In any event, here's the pair of Atomic Highway player characters that they created.

Steven (Ross) - He stuck to the basic character concept, a Scavenger, but I can't tell you any other details about the character basics. The character doesn't have a name as yet.

Tammy (Powers) - A Raider woman who was forced to flee the raiders with her two young children, and now resides in Byetown. The character doesn't have a name yet. This character will be fun to watch and see how she evolves under Tammy's guidance.

The players finished off their characters with basic gear that they felt they all needed, I went through their weapons and the like, and Tammy statted up her vehicle. We chatted a bit more about the game and its mechanics. Play of the game, involving some sample combats, will begin next Sunday (weather willing).
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