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A Monday Morning

Monday morning.

The weather outside is relatively warm as I type this, though still in negative double digits, but the sun is shining brightly and it's quite comfortable in the sunshine. Still need winter coats and stuff, though. Regardless, I'll take days like this when I can get them.

Hurt my shoulder yesterday afternoon. I went out to clean off my car of snow, and there was a good 6-8 cms of the white stuff on the vehicle, very heavy snow as well. Felt something in the shoulder pull. I'm sore there today, but it's still workable.

Work this morning is somewhat slow, though there's enough paperwork for me to get through here at the office to last me until the early afternoon. Nothing urgent, though...for which I'm pleased. The office is relatively quiet this morning, as the flu bug is going around here (hopefully I won't catch it, as I had my flu shot this past (late) year).

In terms of the rest of the day, once I get home I've got laundry to fold and wash (the latter during the evening), some gaming stuff that I want to do, and perhaps I'll even catch up with a book or two.

Anyway, carry on... nothing more here to see. :)
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