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A Busy Saturday

*Whew!* I am exhausted. Feels like a very long day.

To start with, Nick was in the east end of Ottawa, since he wanted to check out the Farm Boy stores out here, so he came over relatively early this morning and then we went over to the two Farm Boys and took care of some basic shopping and the like. I managed to pick up all the veggies that I needed to restock and make some Chinese stir fry for supper, but forgot to buy the spinach for omelets (naturally!). I got back to the house, and took a second shower, just to warm up somewhat (as I found it bitterly cold out).

Then I got in touch with spross, who was already in Ottawa, and we arranged to go for lunch at Tim Horton's before heading out for some grocery shopping browsing. At Tim's, we had a delicious chili with a whole wheat bun; I slopped some of the chili on myself, silly me. Good food, and quite warming to the soul. From there, we went over to the Independent Grocer, as he needed to pick up a prescription and I wanted to talk to the pharmacist about some aspects of insulin. I also picked up some Pizza Pockets (as they were on special). Then we went to South Keys. Over to Bulk Barn, where I picked up some cinnamon, made some inquiries about a couple of other substances, and had spross help me avoid the temptation of some of the sweets and junk stuff there. :) After that, a final stop at Chapters, and looked at various books and the like. I picked up a new post-apocalypse anthology of stories and a copy of Alastair Reynold's Revelation Space (in anticipation of running River of Heaven.

Once spross dropped me off back at the house, after going over his Atomic Highway character's background with me before tomorrow over a cup of tea and some biscuits, I settled in and watched the rest of the Ottawa Senators-Boston Bruins hockey game (they hammered Ottawa 7-2). By the time I got home, my left ankle was just throbbing and hurting like mad, and I needed to rest for a bit.

We'll see what the evening has in store.
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