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Work Week Begins

Monday morning. The start of the work week.

Woke up this morning somewhat disoriented, and a bit dissatisfied with my night's sleep. Part of that may have had to do with yesterday's gaming session and the fact that I was still frustrated somewhat about it. (See the previous blog post for more on that.)

The weather is cold outside, but no colder than one would expect for a February day. It's supposed to warm up somewhat later in the week, so I'm not all that displeased.

Came in to work this Monday morning expecting to find myself with a boat load of work, but things have been pretty quiet here at the office so far (early part of Monday), so I can't say that I'm complaining or upset. I expect things to pick up a bit later in the morning, but for now I'm content.

When I get home today, I need to do some laundry, change the bed linen, and hopefully get some roleplaying work done on stuff from yesterday.

For now, a cup of cinnamon and lemon herbal tea.
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