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Tuesday Thoughts, and Gaming Crisis

A somewhat cool, rather crisp day in the Ottawa valley this morning.

It's supposed to warm up somewhat, tomorrow starting a bit of a heat wave for this time of year, but today remains cold. Sunny, though. Very bright. Too bright for my eyes today.

Work is going quite well this morning, and the pace has picked up with paperwork piling up a bit on my desk. I expected this to happen yesterday, not today, but better in the early part of the week than the later part of the week (when things usually get busier on the Wednesday). I am soooooo looking forward to the morning break! :)

Had a bit of a crisis of conscience and faith when it comes to gaming yesterday. Part of it stems from what went down with Atomic Highway on Sunday and some of the thoughts and stuff that came out of that, and part of it stems from the stuff that I have to do for CanGames in terms of adventure writing. Suffice it to say, this morning, in the clear light of day, I've come to the right decision on stuff. Now I just have to clean up an impulsive decision on my part.
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