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Thursday Morning Thoughts

Thursday morning. The 13th of February. Not a Friday, but still...

Woke up this morning feeling a bit groggy, as I had a difficult time of it falling asleep last night. Too many thoughts and things whirling in my brain.

The weather in Ottawa is somewhat cloudy, but cold, currently around -19oC. It's supposed to warm up somewhat, but I'm not holding my breath given the temperatures yesterday and overnight.

Work this morning is actually pretty slow, as the work servers were down all night, and only got back up around 5:00 am this morning. The system is very slow and sluggish in processing stuff, but the boss has been assured by tech services that things will pick up as the day goes on. If I have one regret today, it is that I will not be able to watch the Canada vs. Norway men's hockey game at the Olympics, which starts at 12 noon. No tv feeds or the like here at the office. Will possibly have to watch the re-run of the game on Olympic Primetime or whatever it's called during the evening. (If the game is re-shown.) Ah well, such is life. :)

In the afternoon, once I get home, I plan to do a bit of reading and possibly try and catch up on some of the tv that I've recorded on PVR. Not to mention, I'm falling behind on my watching of DVDs, but such is always the case with me.
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