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Yggdrasill RPG Nine Worlds Supplement in PDF

For those who are fans of the Yggdrasill RPG from the good folks at Cubicle 7, there is news.

The PDF of the first English supplement (translated from the French, of course), The Nine Worlds, is available now in PDF with the order for the PDF+print copy bundle also now available. I can say that, having browsed through and read a couple of sections of the book, it is absolutely wonderful and quite brilliant. Definitely worth the wait, though would have been nice to see this a bit earlier. (A year and a half is a bit of a wait, eh?) Eagerly looking forward to the physical book.

Anyway, here's what the cover of the book looks like.


Lovely stuff! :)
Tags: cubicle 7, rpg, rpg hut, yggdrasill rpg

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