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Snow Day in the Ottawa Valley

Friday morning. The holiday of lovers. (More on that later.)

In the meantime, I woke up this morning to find the world outside all white, as the snow was coming down. It's not let up, the snow storm outside continues, windy condition seemingly blowing the snow all over the place, and it's expected to continue for most of the day. So not a nice day out there.

I called work around ten past seven, and informed folks that I wouldn't be in to work today, given the weather. The boss said he would send the work laptop, and it arrived about 7:35 am, so I am happily working from home today and glad I'm not out there in the winter wonderland.

This being Friday, I'm supposed to be gaming with the Friday night group, but don't know yet if that's going to happen because of the weather. I should be talking to Kathy and the rest of the gamers later this afternoon, and we'll see what's what depending on the state of the weather.

For now, back to work.
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