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Up and About on a Saturday Morning

Saturday morning.

The morning after gaming very late last night.

I'm up, have had breakfast, and am waiting for Nick to show up, as he wanted to do a bit of shopping in the east end this a.m., to which I've agreed. Gets me out of the house and allows me to buy some groceries (namely veggies and stuff) for use in tonight's cooking which may be a stir fry.

I woke up this morning somewhat groggy, as was to be expected, but felt pretty good about things. I've got a few gaming things to take care of today, some laundry, the groceries (of course) and want to go and pay my WIND Mobile bill for the month. Other than that, plan to put some ice on my left ankle, which has been bothering me quite a bit since yesterday. Cracking it on the car when I fell outside momentarily yesterday afternoon didn't help any, I suspect.

Gaming last night with the Friday gaming group was a lot of fun. Yggdrasill is such a fun game, and has so much good stuff going on with it, and was a joy to run last night. I'll be posting more about the game session later today, once I get back from shopping.

In the meantime, I need to get ready to head out.
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