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Friday Night's Gaming Session

Just finished gaming for the evening with the Friday gaming group. Thought I'd write this post about the evening's impressions while I'm still awake and can remember most of it! :)

I had planned to run the Atomic Highway RPG for a couple of weeks, possibly longer, until my copy of the Atlantis: The Second Age RPG showed up, but given that this will be longer than I anticipated, the Friday night group was agreeable to getting back into the Yggdrasill game for another scenario (or two, depending on how long it takes for Atlantis to arrive). So tonight (okay, well yesterday night, technically since it's now morning), the Friday nighters got together and went back into the gaming world of the Norsemen.

The players showed up at my place around 7:15 pm, and once everyone was there, we got down to gaming. After a quick resumé and rehash of the game mechanics, the game started. Since it was Valentine's Day, I took Angela aside and told her what I planned for the evening's game and the plot of this adventure (which I've called "Trade Mission") for her character, and she was quite pleased (as most players are, since it gives their character a bit of the spotlight). Play started off quite mundanely, and things went pretty well for the rest of the gaming session, though there were a few surprises as readers of this gaming blog will see when I post up the game session blog entry.

Suffice to say, the Friday night players had a quite enjoyable time of it, were taken a bit by surprise by the theme of the evening's game, and saw some really good roleplaying come out of the session. I can't wait for next Friday's session of Yggdrasill.
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